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i know there's so much more for me, so much more than i can see [Dec. 2nd, 2005|09:43 pm]
.n i c o l e.
[mood |blahblah]
[music |come to me l bethany joy lenz]

so nothing too interesting has happened since i last updated in october. lets see...

school, has been pretty good actually. i'm really enjoying my classes. in ap government we are doing debates and im doing abortion conservative side which i really wanted to do, so im happy. i have the best group and i cant wait, we are gonna do so good. :). yearbook is such a cool class, parrella is like the coolest teacher ever, shes so funny and me and sung sil have such a great time in that class.

work, has been ok. its not bad though, some client brought us in a whole bunch of cookies the other day so that was a plus :). i like the ladies i work with, they are so funny and seem to like me, so thats good.

one weekend in november i went up to see UConn with my dad. it was a fun trip actually, we took the ferry out in Orient Point and Uconn is absolutely beautiful, im positive i want to go there. for some reason i feel like i fit there, ive always wanted to go there since i was younger and it was everything i expected it to be. i wish i couldve seen Gampel Pavillion tho, but the basketball team was practicing ;).

my uncle jimi and cousin brittany came up from california one weekend. it was a visit i desperately needed. my uncle is like my hero and the words he said to me before he had to leave will stay with me forever, i never thought i could inspire somone older than me so much, it just makes me feel like i mean something special to someone. its funny because i look up to him, but he says that ive helped him so much, when i feel the same, that he helped me. idk, it was a much needed and amazing visit. i love my family.

thanksgiving was nice. i was sick however :(. but nonetheless it was a success, playing texas hold 'em, which by the way, i won the most games :) hehe, and singing karaoke were some of the highlights. my family is crazy, but thats why i love them.

FESTIVUS is next weekend the 10th of december..i soooooooo cannot wait, ive been looking forward to this for such a long time. my cousin, aunt and uncle throw basically the best parties, and i honestly cannot wait.

so i guess thats kind of it...bye for now.
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i guess i'll write in this thing again.... [Oct. 23rd, 2005|09:10 pm]
.n i c o l e.
[mood |coldcold]
[music |dancing in the moonlight l toploader]

well, life's been...crazy. i pretty much enjoy all of my classes this year and i have to say i love being a senior. i've been driving lately and im really happy about that. i also quit cvs back in september because of my crappy managers. so now i work at a law firm, 2 hrs after school everyday..its a good job. i file and stuff. lol. One thing i love about this year is just being able to hang with my friends constantly. sungsil and i see each other like everyday. we are psychos. i also found a great group of friends, or as we call ourselves, the "disco bob gang". good times. i LOVE hanging out with sungsil, allison, ed, gina, and lauren..we have the craziest times in lunch.

this weekend i spent it with my cuzin alex, my aunt joann, and my grandma. we went up to University of Massachussettes (sp?) Amherst. it is such a nice school, i actually really loved it. now im just looking to see University of Connecticut. so far my top schools are...1. UCONN, 2. UMASS Amherst, 3. University of Maryland (college park), and, 4. University of Pittsburgh. it was a fun roadtrip with some crazy memories, it would be awesome to go to school with my cuzin cuz she is like my best friend. <3.

so what else is going on...hmmm...ive actually changed a lot. i rarely debate politics anymore because its too personal at times. but it doesnt mean i dont love a challenge when it arises. lol. :). ive also started to ease up and stop being so tense and opinionated all the time... on the other hand, i have to say im still not satisfied with myself, there are so many things i'd like to improve, mostly for me, and also partly to "show up" some people in my past. i dont know. things are kind of crazy right now with the whole college thing..i just cant wait to start over where no one knows me.

so whats coming up for me? well theres safe halloween..halloween...a party for allison's bday me and sungsil should plan ;)...senior banquet...auction a teacher (we so better win)...anddddd my aunt is having a FESTIVUS party!!! yay its gonna be so much fun. i cant wait.

so thats really it i guess..i dont even think anyone reads this? oh well.
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cause you, you want nothing to do with me... [Aug. 30th, 2005|12:02 am]
.n i c o l e.
[mood |weirdweird]
[music |wordplay l jason mraz <3]

why do people change? it really makes me wonder. idk. just seeing how much people change really bothers me, you think u know someone, but you dont. you think ur friends with someone, but your not.

im in love with jason mraz <3 lol <--- yes random. but amazing musician.
"yeah im mr. a to z, im all about the wordplay".

i decided to stick with cvs, because i really do like the people i work with. and ive been getting mucho hours. :) plus we have new managers, yay!

im bored.
i want school to start.
this is my schedule:

1st: free/gym switch off
2nd: ap government and politics
3rd: college freshman english
4th: ap stats
5th: lunch
6th: free
7th: french 5
8th: journalism
9th: fall: free (i think)/ spring: film studies

should be a kick ass senior year. i cant wait.
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woah...its august. [Aug. 3rd, 2005|04:46 pm]
.n i c o l e.
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |i still l backstreet boys]

its august!!..which is yay for a few reasons, 1. this means this is the last month of insanely hot weather and fall is coming!! :) :). 2. school is coming..and im excited cuz its my senior year and because i cant wait to take the courses im taking, and because i cant wait to see everyone! :).

ive still been working..and it caught up on me the other day when i just almost had a mental breakdown.. i even contemplated just leaving during my shift. i hate how unfair most of this job is. first, im the only one up at the register, and im doing ringing AND photo at the same time, and it gets so freakin crazy at times that i cant do it all at once. also, one of our new managers just doesnt have a clue of what hes doing, so hes really no help. i felt like just screaming the other day. so i decided to apply for another job, at Target, cuz they pay more money, and you're not killing urself there. so i applied and the next day (yesterday) i got a call saying i have an interview tomorrow. i started thinking about my current job tho...and as much as it sucks, i really like all of the people i work with. some have really become good friends. so i decided that if i get the job at target, im going to work at both places. i'll work one in the daytime and one at night. this way i can get more money lol..as long as i dont kill myself while working two jobs, but i think i can do it, it will keep my busy. :).

towards the end of the month, im going on a roadtrip with my bcfl alex :). and my aunt and grandma. we are going to go to boston and visit two colleges, and just have a great time. i missed my cuz so much this summer since shes been at camp the whole time. i cant wait.

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wow, i havent updated in the longest time... [Jul. 23rd, 2005|11:48 am]
.n i c o l e.
[mood |blahblah]
[music |dont dream its over l crowded house]

so basically, my summer has been ok. not as exciting as i would have hoped, but not a dissapointment to say the least. ive been working quite a bit, which is good cuz im making mucho money. ive been hanging out with victoria a lot. i went mini golfing with gina and leanne last monday, it was fun. yesterday i got my hair done..or colored i should say. now my hair is reddish brown, i <3 it. its so cool. :). and i paid for it all by myself lol. ive been trying to exercise a lot to try to be healthier and in shape. ive also gotten my nails done this week, and i played softball to help out my sister's team...wow my legs were sooo sore after that. after the game, me, my sis, and jon went to 7-11 and then Super Stop and Shop and they left me outside :(. lol. good times. hmmmm, ohh my block had our annual block party, was verrrry interesting, got some good footage from there ;). the moonbounce was insane. :-p. so heres whats comming up...

today- work from 4-10pm
tomorrow- work from 6-10pm

my grandma should be comming out this week to sleepover, hopefully :)
my sister and parents are going to PA next weekend, so my other grandma and grandpa are coming out to "watch" me and my bro lol. sheeesh, my sister and her scuba diving...oh, ive also gone in the pool the other day, which is a first in about 2 years lol.
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update time. [May. 22nd, 2005|12:29 pm]
.n i c o l e.
[mood |sicksick]
[music |all i ask of you * phantom of the opera]

nothing too interesting going on in my life. oh well. so anyways, heres whats been up.
ive been working which has its ups and downs. i like the people i work with. im starting to get better with the photo training, so hopefully with some more training i can take the kodak test and get certified, and then get a raise :). i picked up my first paycheck last week. today im picking up my second one. yesterday at work was absolutely terrible. my shift was from 4-10pm. i hate closing. so anyways, management only hired two of us to work for the 6-hr shift i had, why? idk. but at one point the customers got really angry because they had to wait on line. this really stressed me out and pissed me off because it wasnt fair to put me and my shift manager in that position, plus some lady dropped off 18 rolls of film to be developed. oye. besides work, nothing interesting has been going on. last weekend was junior prom which actually turned out to be a bummer. the music was absolutely terrible. there was one perk to it tho, which needs not to be mentioned. :). that sunday i had to go to westchester for my uncle's 50 1/2 birthday party. it actually turned out to be really nice. i got to see my cuzins :) <3. we played wiffle ball which was funny. my aunt had a bbq yesterday which i wasnt able to go to because of work, which i was so mad about cuz i wouldve loved to seen my family. esp. since i havent seen my aunt in a while. oh well. i got my license. which is cool. its not like i can drive tho cuz i dont have a car. lol. my sister finished her freshman yr at hofstra which is cool cuz i can spend more time with her now. :). school is almost over which is good and sad at the same time. im going to miss my us history class tremendously. i <3 it. :). well heres whats coming up...

today- work 3-9pm
tuesday- one tree hill season finale :) <3, lilian's bday! :) yay
thursday- work 4-8pm
saturday- work 6-10pm
june 7th- french club end of the yr dinner at mirabelle. :)
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take my photo off the wall if it just wont sing for you... [May. 5th, 2005|03:21 pm]
.n i c o l e.
[mood |busybusy]
[music |look what you've done l jet]

summer is almost here. (yayness) well my life is quite boring..but heres whats coming up...

today: work from 4-8.
saturday: work from 3-10.
friday: my bro's bday.
saturday: junior prom.
sunday: my uncle's 50 1/2 birthday party. (upstate..oye)
more and more work hopefully because im mucho boredo. lol.

umm so yeah. thats about it. lol.

"its so pathetic..im so crushing on him right now..its just sad" lol lilian. :) haha.
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i suppose i should update... [Apr. 29th, 2005|06:03 pm]
.n i c o l e.
[mood |soresore]
[music |real world montreal tape <3]

a lot has been going on lately. some good. some sad. some just blah.

i guess i will start off by asking why year after year something tragic has to happen to our school/community. i honestly dont understand it. i was not friends with jonny, but i knew of him and he was in my grade. to see the saddness in the air of our school just broke my heart, seeing such sad faces broke my heart. its a sad thing when anyone passes on, but its even tragic when it happens to someone so young. i hurt for his family. i hurt for his friends. this shouldnt be happening. not at this age. rip jon karp. 4.9.05

april 20th was my 17th birthday. yay :) :). on april 23rd i had the girls over for a party. it was maddd crazy. and so much fun. :). we watched the movie Saw and just had an insane time. i <3 those girls.

i had to go to the dentist yesterday. ouchies.

my jaw has been bothering me soooo much lately. its really ridiculous. ugh.

idk what else to write. lol.


<3 nicole.
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and the wind catches your feet... [Apr. 2nd, 2005|10:40 pm]
.n i c o l e.
[mood |blahblah]
[music |wild nights l john mellencamp]

heres my update...

dinner with amanda, jon, and greg was hilarious. we had so much fun. "i guess i'll add another dollar cuz the waitress was hot" lol that was so funny..and going to coldstone <3 and blasting spice girls in front of lowes while greg screams, "we're going to get shot!" lol too funny. good times. :)

my easter was great. i <3 my family. karaoke <3. food. fun times. :)

this past thursday was really cool and funny. for french club we went to the opera carmen and we also ate dinner. me and lilian had such a fun time we were crazy..or i guess just me lol. "hey harry pass the weed" lol that was sooo funny. me and lilian almost got hit by a crazy bus in queens and lilian almost chocked on her peppermint from laughing too much. plus we had an insane bus driver who likes speeding over pot holes in nyc. hahaha "so we ate chicken and friESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" lol. hahaha. i also sang some disco for the party in the back of the bus..."mmmmmm sophisticated momma" haha. good times. the opera was actually really cool. it was long but good. <3 lincoln center. we met these french kids! they were so cool..paul is now my new best friend. we had a great time. :). got home at 1am. fun lol.

my bday is in 19 days, yay! heh. can u say partay time?! woot woot.
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i guess i should update...hmm [Mar. 24th, 2005|04:56 pm]
.n i c o l e.
[mood |coldcold]
[music |good morning baltimore l hairspray (the musical)]

so ive been doing a lot of thinking lately which i kinda always over think all the time anyways lol. but, ive found that im a lot more upset than i usually am. for some reason ive just been really down. ive lost some self-confidence and im just trying to rebuild it. ive actually started feeling a twing bit anxious again, not on level like in 9th grade, but just slowly popping up here and there. idk, its weird. i have such great friends surrounding me. especially gina. if i didnt see her in school and talk to her in french and lunch, id go crazy. shes just such a great friend... also, my family has been amazing, which is another reason why i dont know why im down. but, i think a lot of it has to do with my self image..idk, like a lot of people, im not fully happy with myself. i guess i should say my appearance. as i person im extremely proud of myself, but physically i just feel weak, and im obviously not in shape. but im really trying to work on my self-image and just reminding myself that so many people support me and love me. so it feels nice in that sense.

onto other stuff..ive been thinking about junior prom which is coming up soon..i guess obviously i wont have a date for it, which im fine with i guess, i'll have fun with my friends. i need to get a dress tho..hmm..crazyness.

i saw hairspray on broadway last weekend with my grandmas and sister and cousin..such a great musical. i <3ed it. i love being in the city. <3 i also saw the school play how to succeed in business... last weekend, i thought they did really good. it was cute and funny.

this whole budget cut thing with our school is getting rediculous. they are gonna fire teachers and one of them might be one of my favorite teachers...pascucci..who i had in 9th grade and taught me SOO much. she even home tutored me when i was out for 3 months. shes just an amazing teacher and person and if she left before i graduated, id be so sad.

this saturday should be fun..im going to dinner with amanda, jon and greg again. we had fun last time, it will be great. :)

hmmmm i think thats all. byes

<3 nicole.
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